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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My T.V. Watching Dog

Gabe loves to watch t.v. He can sit in front of the tv for hours. He doesn't just occasionally glance at the tv...he actually sits directly in front of it and watches it and doesn't get distracted. I can't even get him to go outside and play if he is watching a good show. Watching t.v. is what Gabe wants to do as soon as he wakes up, the second he gets back from walk, and whenever he finishes up his dinner.

On Sunday, Gabe and I watched "Human Prey" on Animal Planet for 3 hours straight. He was really interested in the grizzly bears and the cougars. There were times when I found myself watching Gabe instead of watching the show. It's so funny to me how he is so interested in whatever is on the doesn't just have to be about animals either. Gabe really likes watching anything. On Monday night Gabe was watching Fox News and last night he was watching Teen Mom. His favorite show by far is Cats 101...sometimes he gets a little too into it and he will paw at the screen, so I have to keep my eye on him.

My little boy is turning out to be a regular couch potato.