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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Doggie Field Day

Today we treated the dogs to a field day! Here is one of the videos...more to come!

P.S. Gabe REALLY liked watching himself in the video...everytime I watch it on the computer he stands right next to me and watches it and whines. I love him :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I had an action-packed weekend and I am EXHAUSTED!

On Friday night two of my fav girls, Paige and Vennessa, and I ran in the Santa Scurry 5K. It was perfect running weather and it was fun to see all the Christmas lights and decorations.

Reindeer Paige, Elf Vennessa, Reindeer Erin

After the race we enjoyed a post-run pizza of course! Then my other fav girl, Kathleen, met us to go out for a ladies night out on the town. It turned into a very fun/interesting night!

On Saturday morning I met my sister at my parent's house because we have been planning on surprising my mom for her birthday. We took her and my dad for brunch and then my mom, sister and I went for lovely pedicures!

On Saturday night, Chris and I had a party to go to which turned out to be a lot of fun and I met some new, fun friends! All the guys talked about baseball all night and the ladies had great conversation and lots of wine to make it a great night!

On Sunday morning I had to wake up bright and early to pick up my sister and head to Dallas to cheer for my brother's girlfriend, Kristi, in her very first FULL MARATHON! She ran 26.2 miles...she's crazy!! This was also Kristi's first race with Team in Training and she fundraised $1500 to go towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Go Kristi! Go Team!

It was cold but I always enjoy watching people running endurance races, even if I don't know them. I always get so excited for them because it is something for them to be really proud of! I'm not going to lie...sometimes I even tear up because I'm so happy for them :)

Ashley, Ryan and I at the White Rock Marathon cheering on all the runners (Ryan is very confused about what college football team we cheer for)

The rest of the day was spent relaxing...I was so tired from all the action and the lack of sleep. Chris and I did manage to get in walks with ALL the dogs last night since I felt like I deprived them of my attention this weekend. 

Tomorrow morning I am starting my 12 week training for the Cowtown Half Marathon! Thanks for the inspiration Kristi!!!

Oh yeah... BOOMER!!!! I was so happy for OU to win the Big 12 game even though the first half was a little nerve wrecking. Now time for a Fiesta Bowl win! Go Sooners!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Here's a cute pic to finish off the week...this is Gabe watching the sonogram dvd of my sister's baby! He was very interested, especially when we got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Ever since he saw the sonogram, his new favorite tv show to watch in the morning is "The Baby Story" on TLC.

Tonight I'm running the Santa Scurry 5K with a couple of my girlfriends...I'll have some pics to post this weekend so check back!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Howlidays!

I can't believe it is December already! This year has flown by! Emma, Simba and Socks are coming up on their 3rd bday in a few weeks AND Chris and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in January! There will be a lot of celebrating going on at the Semprun house!

To kick off December, here are some pics of our Christmas decorations!

I hung up the dog's stockings that I made last year. Maybe one day I can learn how to make the big stockings and sew their names on so I can fit more than a mini milkbone in them!

Chase and Dakota

Gabe and Emma

Jack, Socks, and Simba

Here is our little Christmas tree! We decided to get a table top tree because sometimes I get knocked over by the I can only imagine how many times the tree would get knocked over!

I got these reindeer antlers for the dogs and when I pull them out, Socks is the only one to come right up to me, sit down, and let me put them on her and then she walks around with a big smile on her face and shows all the other dogs. When I try to put them on the other dogs, they either take them off right away or will go hide because they don't want to wear them. 

We have a really weird looking Santa decoration that my mom pawned off on me. I call it "Santa Egg" because it's this huge body and a tiny head that you can barely see. Anyways, I put it on our fireplace and some of the dogs are really interested in it. I was watching Simba the other day and she slowly creeped up to Santa Egg and sniffed it, jabbed it a couple times with her nose and even tried to take a bite of the tiny holly leaves that he's holding. She left it alone and walked away, but a couple hours later I walked by the fireplace and it was laying on the ground! Hmmm...I wonder who knocked Santa Egg on the ground?!