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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

40 Paws and Ten Wagging Tails

We've had 10 dogs at our house since Saturday and it's going to be that way until Friday night. Yes, 10 dogs. We have our 7 dogs, plus our rescue dog visitor, and we are dog sitting my parent's 2 dogs while my parents are in Vail enjoying weather that is a whopping 40 degrees cooler than what we are experiencing here in Texas.

I was a little worried that Brody (rescue dog visitor) would not get along well with my parent's dogs, Patch and Mollie, but they have been playing non-stop since Saturday. They play tug of war, chase each other, snuggle together, and they even share their food with each other. One of them even managed to bring a giant beetle into our house, killed it, and left it on Chris's pillow. I got a really good laugh when Chris got in bed and found the dead beetle laying on his pillow. I have a strong feeling that the prime suspect is one of these two:

Most people probably think that they can't handle 10 dogs, but it actually hasn't been hard at all. Luckily they all get along pretty well and they are all very good dogs. Yesterday, I dumped Brody's food on the living room floor by accident and it was cleaned up in just a couple minutes by all the dogs. No need for me to clean it up myself!

For the most part all the dogs just lay around the house, with the exception of Mollie who likes to make laps around the living room and kitchen, so it really hasn't been hard to handle the 10 dogs...there is lots of love and happiness that comes with them all being together in our house and Chris and I have had many good laughs thanks to these crazy pooches!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally Slowing Down

These past few months have been crazy for me! Here is the shortened version:

June 5-8: Went to Austin to welcome my precious nephew Barrett Ryan Qualley into the world!!

June 11: Sprint Triathlon...beat last year's time by 5 minutes!!

June 18: Saw Chelsea Handler and her comedian's stand up tour with my girlfriends...HILARIOUS!!

June 25-26: Went back to Austin to see Barrett because I can't go very long without him!!

July 1 - 4: My sister, her husband and Barrett came up to DFW for a family 4th of July weekend!

July 9: Another Sprint Triathlon: I got 2nd place out of my age group and Paige got 3rd!!!

July 12: Went to see Britney Spears in was my fifth time and I'm NOT ashamed of it!!!

July 18-22: Went to Cozumel with 3 of my girlfriends and had an awesome time!! We snorkeled, kayaked, went on a boat ride/snorkel trip/beach party excursion, and ate a LOT. More pictures to come!

July 23: My sister, her husband and Barrett came back up to DFW so my brother could meet him for the first time! (he was gone all summer working as a camp counselor)

July 24 - 31: Recovering from vacation in Cozumel :)

Today: Took Gabe this morning for his final check up and xrays on his leg...he is PERFECT!!! I took him for a 5 minute celebration walk before leaving for work. Once it cools down and isn't 100+ outside, Gabe will be my running buddy again, I CAN'T WAIT!!! Now he can stop being such a couch potato and run off some of his extra weight :)

On another note...Chris found this cute guy hanging out, in the 100+ heat, at one of the baseball fields he was coaching at. We've been trying to find his owner by posting on the internet, calling local shelters, and getting him checked for a microchip but we have had no luck. He is 33 pounds, about a year old, house trained, gets along with the other dogs, and he is VERY happy! He needs a new home because Chris and I are at our limit with dogs. If you live in the DFW metroplex and are interested in giving this guy a loving home, please let me know!! We love having him as our guest but he needs a furever home :)