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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

40 Paws and Ten Wagging Tails

We've had 10 dogs at our house since Saturday and it's going to be that way until Friday night. Yes, 10 dogs. We have our 7 dogs, plus our rescue dog visitor, and we are dog sitting my parent's 2 dogs while my parents are in Vail enjoying weather that is a whopping 40 degrees cooler than what we are experiencing here in Texas.

I was a little worried that Brody (rescue dog visitor) would not get along well with my parent's dogs, Patch and Mollie, but they have been playing non-stop since Saturday. They play tug of war, chase each other, snuggle together, and they even share their food with each other. One of them even managed to bring a giant beetle into our house, killed it, and left it on Chris's pillow. I got a really good laugh when Chris got in bed and found the dead beetle laying on his pillow. I have a strong feeling that the prime suspect is one of these two:

Most people probably think that they can't handle 10 dogs, but it actually hasn't been hard at all. Luckily they all get along pretty well and they are all very good dogs. Yesterday, I dumped Brody's food on the living room floor by accident and it was cleaned up in just a couple minutes by all the dogs. No need for me to clean it up myself!

For the most part all the dogs just lay around the house, with the exception of Mollie who likes to make laps around the living room and kitchen, so it really hasn't been hard to handle the 10 dogs...there is lots of love and happiness that comes with them all being together in our house and Chris and I have had many good laughs thanks to these crazy pooches!


Pup Fan said...

I'm glad that having 10 pups in the house has gone okay!

ForPetsSake said...

How exciting! And all this indoor time because of the heat surprisingly hasn't been getting to my girls. Enjoy your full house!!

AQ said...

Hahahahahaha! I love the "mug shots" of Patch & Mollie.

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