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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Howlidays!

I can't believe it is December already! This year has flown by! Emma, Simba and Socks are coming up on their 3rd bday in a few weeks AND Chris and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in January! There will be a lot of celebrating going on at the Semprun house!

To kick off December, here are some pics of our Christmas decorations!

I hung up the dog's stockings that I made last year. Maybe one day I can learn how to make the big stockings and sew their names on so I can fit more than a mini milkbone in them!

Chase and Dakota

Gabe and Emma

Jack, Socks, and Simba

Here is our little Christmas tree! We decided to get a table top tree because sometimes I get knocked over by the I can only imagine how many times the tree would get knocked over!

I got these reindeer antlers for the dogs and when I pull them out, Socks is the only one to come right up to me, sit down, and let me put them on her and then she walks around with a big smile on her face and shows all the other dogs. When I try to put them on the other dogs, they either take them off right away or will go hide because they don't want to wear them. 

We have a really weird looking Santa decoration that my mom pawned off on me. I call it "Santa Egg" because it's this huge body and a tiny head that you can barely see. Anyways, I put it on our fireplace and some of the dogs are really interested in it. I was watching Simba the other day and she slowly creeped up to Santa Egg and sniffed it, jabbed it a couple times with her nose and even tried to take a bite of the tiny holly leaves that he's holding. She left it alone and walked away, but a couple hours later I walked by the fireplace and it was laying on the ground! Hmmm...I wonder who knocked Santa Egg on the ground?!


Garden Girl said...

Happy early Anniversary! And Merry Christmas! I hang stockings up for all my animals.(except for the fish!)

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