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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doggie Splash Day!!!

This past Saturday was "Doggie Splash Day" at Splash waterpark in Bedford. Since they close the waterpark after Labor Day, they allow dogs to come in and play in the waterpark, because they will have to drain the pool anyways. So, Chris and I took 3 of our 7 dogs to Doggie Splash Day. The lucky pups were Socks, Chase, and Gabe (ofcourse).

The dogs on the way to the waterpark (Socks, left, Chase, middle, Gabe, right)

When we arrived to the waterpark, Socks and Chase were very calm. Gabe, however, was VERY excited. He was dragging me everywhere. He was barking, howling, and whining at every dog he saw. I finally got him to calm down and to patiently wait for the waterpark to open (with the help of a few treats).

When the waterpark opened, nervously, I let Gabe off his leash. He immediatly ran right into the shallow pool and was jumping in and out like a furry dolphin. He ran as fast as he could, only stopping briefly to sniff other dogs. I could not keep up with Gabe. He was going CRAZY. He was running so fast that he ran straight into the deep pool and freaked out because he doesn't like to swim where he can't touch. He tried to pull himself out on the wall, but wasn't successful. I tried to pull him out but he weighs 110 pounds so it wasn't happening. Then a guy was nice and pushed Gabe out. But this didn't stop him...he kept running as fast as he could, but back to the safety of the shallow pool. Luckily, I caught up with him just as he was stopping to take an aquadump and pointed him towards the grassy area. He did his duty and was off again.

At this point, Chris was hanging out with Chase and Socks. Chase LOVES the water, so he decided to hop in the lazy river for a swim, but was swimming backwards, against the flow of the water. About 30 minutes into it, our three dogs decided to hangout together...they went down some slides, stole a little boy's ball, begged people for treats, Gabe knocked over a little boy and licked a baby's foot, Chase pooped in the fountain, and they met lots of new dog friends, including a dog named Annie who looks just like Annie Melson :)

Doggie Splash Day is a GENIUS idea. It was by far, one of the happiest day of Gabe's life and Chris and I got some really good laughs out of it. Of course on the way home they passed out and were exhausted for the rest of the day, so I liked it for that reason too. If there was a waterpark exclusively for dogs, I would take them EVERY weekend. I love my dogs so much and I love seeing them so happy and having so much fun!


Emily said...

I love how they seemed to create quite the funny scene and yet you still described it as a success! :) That really is a great idea!! But who takes their baby to doggie splash day? That's just a disaster waiting to happen!

AQ said...

I love the pic of all three in back of the car. Socks looks so cute! I'm still jealous I wasn't there with the cousins!

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