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Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Me and the Pups

Yesterday Chris drove down to Marble Falls to hangout at his friend's lake house for the night. So what does a girl do with a night to herself? Lots of cleaning of course! Followed by a workout, some cooking, and a juicy new episode of Jersey Shore to finish off the day.

When I was cleaning I left the back door open so the dogs could play outside and come in when they wanted, since it was such a nice day. So after about an hour they were worn out and crashed on the living room floor. But Dakota parked herself right by the front door and stared at it, waiting for Chris to come home. I had to force her to go outside to use the bathroom before we went to bed. Even when we all went to bed, Dakota hopped on the couch and laid her head on the arm rest so she could still have full view of the front door, so she would see Chris the second he walked in. I felt bad for her because she really wanted Chris to come home! When I got out of bed this morning she was still in the same spot, looking at the front door and again, I had to force her to go outside to use the bathroom. What a loyal dog she is :)

The other dogs continued on as if it were any other day. Except Gabe was able to cuddle up in bed with me all night...he even laid right next to me and laid his head on Chris's pillow. I woke up at one point and his giant nose was about 5 inches from my face and Chase was practically laying on my legs all night even though he had tons of space to sprawl out on. I guess they really wanted to be close to their favorite gal!

This morning, as soon as I got out of bed, the other dogs hopped right up and got comfy. This is usually what they do every morning when I get out of bed, whether Chris is in it or not.

Gabe took full of advantage of Chris being gone by being able to watch his favorite show - "It's Me or The Dog". Duh.

 Here in DFW, it's in the 70's and sunny! It's a perfect day! So, I'm leaving work a couple hours early to let the dogs out of the house and play outside. YAY for Fridays! Have a great weekend everyone :)


Garden Girl said...

I enjoyed reading this so much! Your dogs are so funny! That is so sad about Dakota, I am afraid to know what my dog, Rowie, does when I am away. Gabe is adorable watching TV. Rowie is the only one of my dogs that has any interest in TV. We don't get cable, so her favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving so that she can watch the National Dog Show!

The Teacher's Pets said...

How adorable that Dakota couldn't stop wondering when your hubby would come home but it is also sad too! Didn't her devotion to your hubby make you feel a tad bit jealous? That's how I feel when our dog whines when my fiance is gone!

ForPetsSake said...

The weather the past few days has been amazing...wait til Tuesday, though...

The girls do act like something's missing when Matt comes home late. Either way, though - they cuddle in. Nyxie always picks Matt's pillow and faces me as I fall asleep. It's "our time" :)

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