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Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Visitors!

About a month ago I was running an errand at work and noticed that there was a golden retriever in the parking lot of some apartments across the street from my office. I was hoping the dog's owner was close by but then I noticed it walked into the road and almost got hit by a car. So, I pulled into the apartment complex and called the dog over to me. It ran over to me, with a big smile on his face...and right behind him was a chocolate lab who looked like she was still a puppy. Niether of them had tags, although they were both wearing collars. The apartment complex manager said he did not recognize the dogs and decided to call the pound. I was not going to let these dogs go to the pound, so I called my coworker over to help and we took the dogs to a vet clinic down the road to see if they had microchips. Sadly, they weren't, even though I was positive they belonged to someone and they couldn't have been lost for long because they looked clean. They were both well kept, very friendly and had perfect manners.

We weren't able to take the dogs back to our office so I called Chris and he picked them up and took them back to our house. But first, he posted "Found Dog" signs in the neighborhood behind the apartment complex and even knocked on a few doors to see if anyone recognized the dogs. I spent the rest of the day searching for lost dog ads and posting found dog ads on Craigslist, FidoFinder, FindToto, PetAmberAlert, etc. I knew these dogs belonged to someone and I was determined to find their owners!

I got home from work that day and Chris was sitting in the backyard with all nine dogs and they were all getting along great! The golden retriever and chocolate lab certainly made themselves right at home.

I spent another hour or so online trying to see if anyone posted new lost dog ads or had responded to mine. Around 9pm that night I got an email through Craigslist from a lady, saying that we had found her dogs and their names were Chance and Katherine. We verified that they were in fact their dogs and they immediately left their house to come pick them up! I was so incredibly happy and started jumping up and down.

It turned out that the owners had just moved down to the area from Oklahoma and while they were at work, the dogs had dug out of the backyard. They were so happy to see their dogs and they were very gracious to us for getting them off the street. We enjoyed having our 2 lovely visitors but we were very happy to see them go home with their owners!

PLEASE either remember to put collars with ID tags on your dogs or get them microchipped! Most cities...City of Dallas, City of Grand Prairie, etc. offer $15 microchips. Take advantage because not everyone will stop to help a dog and others may just call the pound.


ForPetsSake said...

You are a wonderful person!! Actually both you, your hubby and your coworker! It's true that most dogs people find and bring to us have no microchip when we check them. And yes, it's so easy to get one implanted...

Garden Girl said...

That is such a heart warming story!! That was so nice of you to take them in! They look like such nice dogs, I am glad they found their home.

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