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Monday, February 14, 2011

Erin Doesn't Share Dessert

Let me preface this story with a fact that my family and friends are very much aware of - I DON'T SHARE DESSERT. More specifically, chocolate cake and frozen yogurt.

I'm sure you all have been to, or seen the serve-yourself frozen yogurt places that are popping up EVERYWHERE. Well, much to my happiness, but to my butt's dismay, one opened 2.4 miles away from me...and yes I did clock the distance because I wanted to figure out how long it will take me to walk or ride my bike there. Atleast I can somewhat justify eating the frozen yogurt if I bike or walk there!

Anyways, on our way home from running some errands last night, I pulled right into the frozen yogurt place closest to our house. I felt a huge rush of pure exhilaration as I walked through the door and asked for a couple taster cups (even though I have tried every flavor there, multiple times). I was even more excited when I saw that the flavor of the week was my velvet cake! I had to try really hard to contain my desire to hit the person in front of me in the back of the head so they would hurry up and get out of my way. I ended up getting half a cup of red velvet cake and half a cup of cheesecake. I opted out of the many toppings so I wouldn't alter the flavors in any way.

I hopped in the car and since I was driving, I tried to hold on to the yogurt with one hand and steer with the other...mostly just so Chris couldn't steal any of my yogurt. He could tell I was struggling when I was backing out of my parking spot so he took the yogurt out of my hand (but not without a little fight on my part) and held it the rest of the way home. I kept looking over at him the whole 2.4 miles back to our house, making sure that he didn't take any of my yogurt. Thankfully he didn't.

Anyways, I got home and started eating it and because the frozen yogurt was making me cold, I decided to take a hot bath while eating my yogurt. So I did and it was fact, I'll probably make it a weekly Sunday night ritual.

The story doesn't end there Gabe watched me devour my frozen yogurt in the bathtub and even though he was begging for a taste, which I don't usually give in to, he looked SO cute with his little pouty face. He really knows how to tug at my heartstrings. So, once I was done and there was only some melted yogurt at the bottom of the cup, I gave Gabe the cup to lick clean...and he went to town on that cup. Then the funniest thing happened, Gabe finally stopped cleaning out the cup and just laid next to it...then Jack walked in the bathroom. Gabe stared at him for a few seconds then, picked up the cup with his mouth, stood up and turned his back to Jack and laid down. Gabe laid with the cup between his paws for about 20 minutes, guarding it...JUST like how I was trying to guard my frozen yogurt from Chris.

The moral of this story is that I don't share dessert and Gabe doesn't share dessert...this just reinforces my belief that Gabe is my doggie soulmate.

The end.


Lauren said...

I love the yogurt places.. if you're back in OK, go to Pink Swirls.. it's my personal favorite. One just opened up in the mall here in Florida. I am SO excited!!

Shannon said...

That is funny because whenever we go, Morgan always wants your yogurt for some reason!

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