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Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Friend

Our favorite little girl, Morgan, lives down the street from us. She is two years old and the daughter of Chris's friends who he went to college with. Morgan comes over to visit and play with us often and she is always very entertaining. Morgan is used to being around dogs because she has three big dogs of her own (one of them is the sister of Simba, Socks and Emma!). So, Morgan doesn't get upset when she gets whacked in the face with a dog tail or if they lick her face or try to steal her food. Sometimes she either ignores them or puts her hand in their faces and tells them to stop and sometimes she even encourages them to chase after her - it's really funny to watch a tiny little girl running around, laughing histerically because she is getting chased by seven dogs.

Morgan knows all of their names and calls them by their names whenever she is talking to them. For a while she was calling Gabe, "Grape", which I thought was really funny. Sometimes she tries to give them hugs and most of them will stand still and let her hug them but Gabe usually runs away for some reason. Lately, she quietly sneaks up behind him and slowly gives him a hug so he won't run away from her, but that doesn't really seem to work either. There have been a few times when she has tried to sit on his back when he's laying down and he stands up really quick and Morgan topples off and starts laughing, saying she wants to do it again.

Morgan came over this past Sunday and hungout with us for a while. We colored, watched Finding Nemo, did a puzzle, and danced around the living room a LOT, letting the dogs chase us. Morgan thought this was really funny and I thought so too, but Chris just looked at us like we were really weird.

Here's a picture of Morgan, putting together a puzzle and leaning against Gabe. You can tell he was really into the t.v. show that he was watching because he let Morgan lean against him for about 10 minutes. I think he was watching "World's Funniest Pets."

After all the dancing we decided to rest and take a nap so, Morgan, Gabe, and I took a nice, long 2.5 hour nap. Here's a picture of Morgan and Gabe right after they woke up...neither of them look very happy to be photographed.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


ForPetsSake said...

What a lovely guest! I love that pic of Morgan leaning on Gabe - priceless. I can imagine at her size, what a big, warm, soft pillow a pup like Gabe would feel like.

Lauren said...

The pics of Gabe watching tv crack me up!

Pup Fan said...

Cute photos. :)

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