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Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing: Chase - aka "King of the Castle"

Chase is our male rottweiler/lab mix and the oldest out of all the dogs. He was one of the dogs that Chris already had whenever we met. Calling Chase "King of the Castle" is an understatement. Chase really thinks he is in charge of every dog and every person in the house. He can be found in two locations in the house - sprawling on our bed or laying on the couch.

Chase snuggling with Chris
Chase loves to snuggle with both of us. Sometimes he can be really sneaky about crawling his way into our laps and when he succeeds, all he wants to do is give us kisses...this is Chase's favorite place to be. He's also very sneaky about crawling into anyone else's lap that may be hanging out at our house. I'm not sure if Chase realizes how big he actually is, but it is nice to have him around when it's cold outside!

Chase getting comfy on Ashley's lap
One of the funniest things that Chase did was when my brother, Ryan, came over and let Chase sit on his lap...rather, Chase forced himself into Ryan's lap. After about 10 minutes Ryan told Chase to get up and gave him a little nudge to move and Chase turned around and growled in Ryan's face as if to say "I'm not going anywhere until I want to. Now, you sit still and leave me be."

My favorite thing about Chase is how he sits like a human. It's really weird. He sits on his butt, with his legs in front of him and he lounges back and relaxes. Sometimes, Chris and I will be sitting on either end of the couch and Chase will hop up into the middle section and sit down, just like a person, and hangs out with us.

Chase's favorite dog in the house is Dakota, our female rotty. He has known Dakota since she was a puppy when she forced her way into his heart. Chase loves playing with Dakota even though she obviously gets on his last nerves sometimes.

Chase and Dakota

Chase and Dakota
Chase is a very special dog...he can be grumpy with the other dogs sometimes, but for the most part he is a really good and patient older brother. He used to be the only child and now he has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, so it's okay to be grumpy and want some alone time every once in a while!  

Since Chris and I got married, I stuck to my daily routine of taking Gabe for walks every night but a couple months ago I started bringing Chase along too. They are both VERY strong dogs, made up entirely of muscle, so it can get tricky sometimes but I really enjoy it. Chase has made the walks more enjoyable and challenging, so needless to say, I look forward to my nightly walks with two of my favorite boys!

Gabe and Chase


Hailey said...

Chase knows who he is and who is obviously in charge!! Dakota and Gabe will one day do the same. Enjoyed looking through your blog! your dogs are really pretty!

Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

Ruby Red Dog said...

That's a lot of dogs! No wonder Chase gets grumpy sometimes. I get the same when we have other dogs visiting. As long as everyone knows who is the top dog.

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