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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing: Princess Simba

Simba is the smallest of our dogs. She looks like her sister Emma, but smaller. Simba is a lot like Socks in the fact that she is an instigator too. She likes to pick on Dakota and Gabe by licking and pawing at their faces. Dakota and Gabe will stay calm but once they've had enough, they will let her know and she runs off in search of her next victim.

Simba thinks she is the princess of the house. She will sneak into Chris's lap on the couch and as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, she is the first to take my place and snuggle up by Chris's head. Lately, she's been claiming the recliner as her throne and will growl at whoever tries to challenger her.

When Simba isn't snugging with Chris or taking over the recliner, she likes to snuggle up with the other dogs. She gets as close as they will let her.

Simba and Chase

Simba and Socks

Simba and Patch (my parent's dog)

Simba wants to be a real human girl...atleast that's what I think. Whenever I get ready for work or to go out, she is the only dog who will stand in the bathroom and watch me get ready. Simba seems really interested when I put on my makeup and straighten my hair. She even likes watching me when I blowdry my hair. The blowdrier doesn't scare her at fact, she likes it when I point it at her. She just sits there and lets me blowdry her hair. The other dogs run off whenever I just pull out the blowdrier. Sometimes I think she wants me to put makeup on her and dress her up to go out with me.

I often find myself getting randomly nipped by Simba as I'm walking through the house. Sometimes I'll feel her nip at my legs as she follows me around the house and just yesterday she jumped up and nipped my hand because I guess she assumes that I carry food around with me.

The funniest thing about Simba is that all of a sudden, she will break out into a sprint, running as fast as she can through the living room, into our bedroom, and back out into the living room. After she does this a couple times, some of the other dogs will join in and try to catch her. Even when we yell at Simba to stop running, she continues on, going round and round. (I'm going to try to put up a video of her doing this soon)

Simba has a lot of funny and weird traits, but I've only listed a few. Stay tuned for my next doggie introduction...Jack!


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