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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing: Jack

Jack was the last dog we acquired and probably the most affectionate out of the pack. Chris found him when the puppies were about 4 months old and Jack was a little puppy himself. We figured that Jack and the puppies were close to the same age because he was about the same size as they were at the time. He looked like a little polar bear cub and when I saw him for the first time I fell in love. I remember calling my sister and asking her if I should keep Jack or not and I clearly remember her answer - "You already have six dogs, what's one more?" And then there were seven.

Jack used to be really shy and quiet and would hangout by himself a lot of the time. He has slowly come out of his shell and loves to play with the other dogs. Jack is pretty passive aggressive...sometimes he doesn't mind when one of the other dog steals his bone but other times he will growl, bark and defend his territory.

Whenever I'm handing out treats, Jack is always the one sitting like a good dog and calmly waiting for his treat. I usually get bit atleast once during treat time but not once have I been bitten by Jack because he's so gentle. Jack gets along with all the dogs but whenever the girls start to gang up on Gabe, Jack always has his back.

Jack LOVES to be around Chris and I. Sometimes when we are watching t.v. he will come up to one of us and give us his paw and will just leave it there. It's like he just wants to hold hands and he is happy just doing that.

One of the funniest things about Jack is that when it's dinner time, he lays all the way down on his belly and buries his face in his food and he will stay that way until he finishes eating.

Jack hanging with the boys

Jack is such a sweet boy and we are so blessed that he came along to complete our family!


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ForPetsSake said...

Hey there!! Glad to find a fellow crazy dog lady in Texas. The Great Wolf Lodge is just 10 min from us! Your babies are beautiful and kudos to you for opening your heart to so many.

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