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Friday, October 15, 2010

Introducing: Socks

I've written a lot of posts about my dog Gabe...actually the majority of my posts are about Gabe. Since there are 6 more crazy creatures in my house, I'm going to give them each a post of their own so you can get to know them too :).

I'll start with Socks. I mentioned her in the previous post and explained how she got her name...she's all black but with white fur around her feet that makes it look like she's wearing socks. She also looks exactly like her mom. She has soft, floppy ears and is always wearing a big smile. I also call her a "Forever Puppy" because she will always have a puppy face even when she's older.

Socks is our little instigator. When all the other dogs are relaxing and taking naps, Socks likes to go tackle them and bite their necks. She does this wrestling move where she buries her head in their neck and does a somersault and lands on top of their belly. Sometimes the dogs will growl at her and when they do, she licks their face to make ammends. She's just showing some sisterly love!

Anytime another dog gets a drink of water, Socks is always right next to them, licking the water off their mouth. I think this is her favorite game to play with Dakota, our female rotty. Dakota will get some water and will immediately start growling whenever Socks comes near and sure enough, Socks starts to lick all the water off Dakota's mouth, even though Dakota is growling and bearing her teeth.

One of my favorite recent memories of Socks is from a couple weeks ago. Socks and Dakota are always playing with each other; Socks is always getting on Dakota's nerves and Dakota always picks on Socks. (Sidenote: Because Dakota is a rottweiler she has a little nub for a tail). Anyways, a couple weeks ago Dakota was picking on Socks like usual and stole the bone that Socks was playing with. So Dakota ran off with the bone and Socks went up behind her bit her nub tail. Dakota turned around and growled and ran off with the bone but I'm sure Socks felt better after she got her revenge, because she looked at me and smiled.

Socks is one of the happiest dogs I know. She always smiles and she always wants to play with the other dogs. She hops around and sometimes jumps VERY high whenever she gets excited. If you ever need some cheering up or just a good laugh, come over to our house and hangout with Socks.


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