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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Little Spring Goes a Long Way

Chris was trying to fix the spray hose thingy in the kitchen sink a couple weeks ago and he dropped an important part and couldn't find it anywhere. It's a little spring that goes inside the nozzle of the spray hose thingy. Let me tell you how important the lost spring is...without the spring, the kitchen faucet doesn't work. When you turn on the faucet, water only comes out of the spray hose thingy  and even worse, it comes straight out, you don't even have to hold down a button to make the water come out.

I didn't realize this when it first broke and I was about to wash some dishes and turned on the faucet. For a split second I wondered why water wasn't coming out of the faucet and then BAM...the water hit me in the face. It was coming out of the spray hose thingy. It was like a scene from a sitcom. I was trying to find the faucet to turn off the water that was spraying in my face but because the water was going into my eyes, I couldn't find it right away to turn it off. When I finally turned it off I was soaking wet and I heard Chris say from the couch, "Hey, the faucet doesn't work right now." Thanks for telling me, Chris.

I got sprayed in the face several other times, because I kept forgetting that the faucet didn't work. One morning Chris was standing in the kitchen with me and watched it happen. He made fun of me and "kindly" reminded me that the faucet wasn't working. Not two minutes later, Chris got sprayed in the face. After laughing at him, A LOT, I "kindly" reminded him that the faucet wasn't working. Karma.

After several trips to Home Depot and Lowes, Chris wasn't able to find the important, little spring anywhere. I guess these stores don't realize how important this part is. He even called the company that made the sink to get them to send us another spring. So he was waiting to hear back from the sink company this week...until yesterday when he was outside playing with the dogs.

He was running around in the back yard with the dogs and saw the little spring, that tiny but oh so important little piece, laying in the grass. We assume that either Socks or Simba picked it up off the kitchen floor and carried it outside a couple weeks ago when Chris was trying to fix the sink hose thingy. They probably got a kick out of watching us make fools of ourselves when getting sprayed with water in our faces.

When I came home from work yesterday, I turned on the faucet and it worked and I stayed dry! I'm thankful that I married such a handy man and a guy with good eyesight...I would have NEVER seen that little spring laying in the grass. I'm also thankful that my pack of seven dogs find creative ways to remind me of all the many things to be thankful for.


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