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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OH, Baby...

Baby bird that is.

Yesterday morning after I worked out, I let Gabe out in the front yard and we walked down the street a little bit to let him get in a little bit of a walk. We walked down our drive way and there was a dead baby bird. Gabe snatched up the bird in his mouth so fast but luckily when I yelled at him it scared him so he dropped the bird.

When I was heading out to work I said bye to Chris and all the dogs like I usually do. I bent down to give Gabe a hug and a kiss on his head. He gave me a big sloppy kiss right on my chin just as I remembered that not an hour before, he had a dead baby bird in his mouth. GROSS!

When I got home from work, Chris was gone so I let all the dogs outside in the backyard. I noticed that Simba was rolling around on her back, having the time of her life. I didn't think anything of it because they all like to do roll around on the ground like that. But as she ran in the house, I noticed a slimy, wet spot on her back. I stopped her in her tracks and I bent down to sniff the wet spot. She REEKED of dead animal. I looked at the spot she was rolling in and sure enough, there was a dead baby bird. I'm guessing that all the storms and rain lately blew them out of their nests.

Before any of the other dogs could spot the bird, I ran inside and grabbed a bag to put it in. Not realizing that Simba sneaked back inside, I walked back into the house as she was rolling all over the comfy blanket I put in the living room for Gabe to lay on, getting the nasty smell all over it. Ugh.

I picked Simba up and took her to the guest bathroom and washed her off. She tried to escape a couple times but I was determined not to let her get the best of me. After washing and drying her off, I let her out of the bathroom and she ran around the house as fast as she could and all the other dogs chased her like that hadn't seen her for days.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning. Oh the joys of dogs. But like I say every time, they are totally worth it...even if a dead animal smell gets stuck in your nose for several hours.

P.S. We have this Handy Groomer that attaches to our faucet. It has a spot to put dog shampoo in and so it sprays water and soap at the same time and it sprays just at the right pressure so it doesn't scare the dogs. I highly recommend buying one of these! It made bathing Simba so much easier!


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