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Thursday, October 20, 2011

FAQs About Our Family

Chris and I tend to get the same questions from people who find out we have 7 dogs...most of the questions are similar to these:

How did you end up with 7 dogs?
We didn't plan on having 7 dogs but we are blessed to have such a special family. Read about how it all happened here

Do you plan on keeping all 7 of your dogs?
Yes! We have gotten attached to our dog family and they are attached to us. We would never want to separate any of them from us and the other dogs. We are a family and we plan on staying that way!

Are all of the dogs inside dogs?
Yes...they are very spoiled dogs. They love playing outside and going for walks, but they really love lounging around in the house and hanging out with Chris and I.

How much dog food do you go through a month?
We go through about two 40lb. bags a month and several boxes of treats.

Where do all the dogs sleep?
Chris and I sleep with our bedroom door open so the dogs have free reign of the house. We have a few dog beds in our room that they sleep on, the couch and the dog bed in the living room are usually occupied, and of course we always have a couple dogs that sneak into the bed in the middle of the night. Good thing we have a king size bed!

Do all the dogs get along?
Surprisingly, they all get along! Sometimes they will get on each other's nerves, just like any brother and sister will, but we are lucky to have dogs that can all happily live in one house.

How often do you need to dust and vacuum?
I try to dust and vacuum every other day. A few months ago, Chris bought a dog grooming kit to shave the dogs and it has tremendously decreased the amount of dog hair in our house. Luckily, I LOVE to's like therapy to me, so I don't mind all the dusting and vacuuming! 

Isn't it expensive to take care of that many dogs?
Yes it can get expensive at times, but Chris and I have become quite the experts at working the system. The dogs were spayed/neutered at low cost clinics, we take them to low cost vaccination clinics for vaccinations and heart worm tests/monthly heart worm medication, Chris washes/grooms/trims nails at our house, and I found out early on with Gabe that it is best to have pet insurance for a large dog, so we were able to save about $5600 when getting both of his knee surgeries. We also plan on getting their teeth cleanings at a low cost clinic for only $100, which is a great deal! 

How are you able to take them all on walks?
I usually take Gabe and Jack together and then I come back and switch them out for Chase and Dakota, then Chris takes the other dogs. It's not complicated at all and they help us get our daily exercise! Sometimes we like to load them all up in the car and take them to a fenced in field about a mile from our house to run around and during the summer we take them in shifts to the lake to let them swim. Like I said earlier, our dogs are very spoiled!

**Feel free to ask me any other questions! I obviously love talking about my dogs!


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