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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 30-Day Erin Challenge

Starting on Monday, October 24, I am starting the "30-day Erin Challenge". This is a list of five goals that I would like to accomplish within thirty days. Four of my goals are health and fitness related and one is a goal that I would like to do for others.

Here are my 5 goals:

1. Workout everyday: I've never been one to  get into a strict workout routine that I actually follow for 30 days straight. I've started workout plans like P90X and Jillian Michael's "The 30 Day Shred" but only make it until about 2 weeks before I get bored. I've followed training plans for triathlons before but even those I didn't fully stick to. During my 30-day challenge, I want to workout for AT LEAST an hour every single day. On most days this will consist of me attending an early morning workout class at the gym. I know that I need to let my body rest at least one day a week, so on those days I will have an "active rest" day. So I can go for an hour walk those days, take a stretch class, hike for an hour, etc.

2. Bodypump Twice a Week: Strength training is my weakness. I have no problem  running and biking to get my cardio in, but I have always had trouble getting motivated to strength train. I realize that strength training is essential for healthy bones as I get older and for revving up my metabolism, but I've never gotten into a consistent strength training schedule. The gym I attend offers Bodypump classes (a group class that consists of using barbells and hand weights) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I've attended the classes several times but it has only been once a week for the past couple of months. During my challenge, I will be attending Bodypump on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:45 am.

3. Try Zumba and attend at least once a week: I've always enjoyed dancing for fun, although I lack coordination, I'm pigeon toed, and I have very awkward dance moves. However, I always get VERY sweaty when I dance and I really enjoy myself and better yet, I know I am burning lots of calories. I've heard great things about Zumba and my gym offers several classes a week. My goal is to go to Zumba at least once a week during my challenge, have fun, and learn some new moves.

4. Follow Weight Watchers Diet: I'm not a Weight Watchers member but I do know how to track points, how many points I am allotted, how the program works, etc. I've followed the diet off and on and every time I am doing it, I have lost weight, but after a couple weeks I get bored with it and give up. I would like to drop about 10-15 pounds and tone up all over, so I need to focus on portion control, mindless snacking, eating late, eating junk food (Mexican food and pizza are my weakness) and eating too many sweets. I think that by following the Weight Watchers program for the 30-day challenge will definitely compliment my workout schedule and hopefully it will be a good start to my overall health and fitness goals.

5. Volunteer for a Holiday/Seasonal Event: With the holidays right around the corner, I would like to help out those in need in the DFW metroplex. Every year I try to donate to canned food drives, Christmas gifts for needy children, etc. It is so easy to donate items and money though, so this year in addition to donating items I want to donate my time. I am in the process of finding a charity in the area to volunteer with for a day or maybe even two around Thanksgiving time and hopefully I can do the same around Christmas.

Every week I will update my progress with the 30-day Erin Challenge. The last day of the challenge will be Monday, November 21. That following Thursday is Thanksgiving which means I will be running the Thanksgiving Half Marathon in Fort Worth! This will be my second half marathon...the first was in 2006 when I ran the Cowtown Half. I still have some work to do but I'm hoping my workout and diet will help me feel like I am in tip-top shape for the race...and then I can eat LOTS of turkey :)

I'm really looking forward to starting the 30-Day Erin Challenge and maybe I'll continue to do a challenge every month and add five new goals!

Stay tuned for weekly updates!


AQ said...

Go, sister, go!

Kathleen said...

I bet you will be really good at Zumba...dddaaancccccee the night away, yadadedayadedada

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