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Friday, October 7, 2011

Messy Mutts

Several times over the last couple months, I've come home from work and there is trash scattered throughout the living room and a trail of trash that leads to the pantry door, which is where the trashcan is. Without a doubt, I know it is Gabe...partly because the only other dog that stays in the living room when we leave is Jack and he's just too sweet of a boy to make such a mess.

The first time this happened was a couple months ago and the next day I took Gabe for his morning walk. He pooped in the grass next to the sidewalk so I bent over with my little baggie to pick it up...low and behold there was something in his poop that ABSOLUTELY should not have been. I won't elaborate because honestly the thought of it makes me gag and it's safe to say that I did not let him lick me for quite sometime after that. 

When I came home a couple weeks ago and found this mess, I scolded Gabe and because of his lack of respect for me, he jumped in my face and barked. Maybe he was mad because he didn't find anything good in there this time...he obviously didn't want to eat anything healthy because he left baby spinach laying all over the dining room. 

We have been making a point to push the trashcan to the back of the pantry, under the shelves so Gabe can not raid the trash. But he has figured out that if he pushes the right door of the pantry hard enough, the left door will pop open, so even though I haven't come home to any more messes, the pantry door is always wide open. Smart dog. 

Maybe it's time to invest in a lid for the trashcan??? 


Garden Girl☺ said...

This shouldn't be funny, but it is hilarious! Sometimes my dogs will do this but I can't yell at them because they are just too cute! haha :D

AQ said...

Bahahahaha! Gabey-You're such a stinker. Now go eat your greens!

dogsforlife said...

Very Funny.
Our Pointer is so naughty she found a way to push the kitchen door open and raided the bin and all its contents and even jumped up at the unit and stole food from there too - we was so annoyed with her and she made her self ill. But now we have found a way of ensuring that the kitchen door can't be pushed open by any naughty pointer dogs...ever again!

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