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Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in Review

It's Monday and the weekend went by too fast like always...On the bright side, OU beat Texas...Boomer Sooner!!! 

Besides the victory, we had a great weekend. On Friday Chris and I grilled out and enjoyed a lazy movie night with the dogs. We watched True Grit, which we both liked although we weren't quite sure what all the hype was about. On Saturday morning Kathleen came over bright and early and we ran in a festive Fall-themed run. Kathleen ran a 5K and did an awesome job! She got one of her best times and we were both very excited about it. I did a 10K because I am training for a half marathon on Thanksgiving morning, so I figured this would be a good halfway point in my training. I got my best time and later on when I got home I looked at the results and found out that I got 2nd place in my age group! 

Kathleen came back to my house and we watched the OU/TX game and afterwards I took a much needed nap with the dogs. By the time I woke up, Chris was coming home from his baseball games that he was coaching. We ate dinner (and a really delicious piece of chocolate fudge cake) at home and decided to have another movie night, which was perfect because it turned out to be a rainy night.We watched Unknown with Liam Neelson. We both really liked this one because it was suspenseful and hard to guess what was going to happen. 

On Sunday morning we went to church and afterwards went to my parent's house for lunch with my brother, his girlfriend, my sister and brother in law and my adorable nephew. When we got home I took the dogs for a walk before dinner and we enjoyed another lazy night at home, snuggled up with our dog family.

Next weekend I will be working in San Francisco so it was nice to relax and spend most of my time with Chris and the dogs. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


AQ said...

Hopefully Bear & I can come out and cheer you on Thanksgiving morn!!!

Pup Fan said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!

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