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Friday, April 15, 2011

Did Someone Shoot a Bunny?!?

I'm sure you all grew up with a saying in your house that meant "Did you fart?!?" Well, when I was younger, our secret code for that question was "Did someone shoot a bunny?". I'm not really sure how my mom came up with that, but it stuck, and that question was asked a lot in our house!

In the past several months, Chris and I have noticed that our dogs are "Shooting Bunnies" more than they ever have before and they are usually loud and sound like it's coming from a human! It's mostly our older dogs, Chase, Dakota and Gabe, so we came to the conclusion that they pass gas out loud more often because they are getting older. They usually don't even realize they are farting! They will occasionally turn around and look at their butts like, "What the heck was that?!", and they sniff a little, but quickly go back to what they were doing before.

There have been several times when Chris and I look at each other and say "Eww! Did you just FART?!?" And come to find was one of the dogs. Sometimes when they sit down, they fart several times in a row, and it doesn't even phase them.

A couple nights ago, Dakota was sitting on Chris's lap in the recliner and he said to me, "Erin! Dakota is farting on my lap and it is vibrating my legs!" Of course I laughed because that is HILARIOUS! If I would have done that to him, he would have pushed me off his lap and told me I was disgusting. A couple minutes after that, Dakota farted again on Chris, except it was so loud and so human-like that I thought it was Chris. After he assured me that it wasn't him, we both looked at each other and started laughing.

Instances like these seriously make my day better and it makes me love my dogs even more. You know why? Because it really shows that they are OUR doggie soul mates. What better couple to have dogs that fart like humans?! God really had Chris and I in mind when he created these precious, bunny-shooting pups....that and he knew we would need someone to blame when we shoot our own bunnies ;)


ForPetsSake said...

OMG - I'm crying, I'm laughing so hard...Matt and I aren't the only ones who go through this - all of this.
You gotta love dogs for letting the earthiness shine through :) :)

SevenDog said...

YES :) We get a lot of good laughs from our dogs!

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