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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Chris and I LOVE to spoil our dogs and give them most of our attention, all the time.

We usually plan our days around them, making sure that they don't have to go too long without having at least one of us in the house to hangout with them.

When it's a nice day we either take them for walks or we take them to the field to run around. Many days we will just sit in the backyard for an hour or so and play with them.

We always have their dog closet stocked full of treats.

They are never without toys and bones and usually they have more than they can handle.

They have plenty of big, comfy dog beds to sleep on, even though they usually end up in bed with us.

We usually don't kick them out of our bed at night...we end up sacrificing our own space so they can sprawl out, whether it be on top of us or in the middle of the bed. Many nights I end up sleeping in a ball and Chris ends up sharing his pillow with Socks, and Simba sleeps right on top of his legs.

During the day, the dogs have full reign of our bed and the couch.

A lot of the time I let Gabe watch Animal Planet on TV instead of watching one of my favorite shows, because I know it makes him happy.

When Chris and I go to any store that has a pet section, we don't leave without seeing if there is something we can buy for the dogs.

We always make sure that the dogs eat dinner before we eat dinner ourselves.

Every time Chris and I have gone on a ski trip, the big dogs join us and we would take all 7 if we could.

We are considering putting a pool in our backyard...not only for us to enjoy, but for the dogs to enjoy as well.

I think you get the point...we spoil our dogs and we love doing it! They show their appreciation to us every hour of every day by loving Chris and I unconditionally...and that makes it totally worth it.


Pup Fan said...

I love to hear about parents spoiling their pets! :)

ForPetsSake said...

Awww....when I come back, I want to come back as one of your pack!!

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