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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Workout Buddies

Chris bought me a new pair of running shoes this weekend as an early birthday gift, so I broke them in with a 3 mile run! I'm training for a bunch of triathlons this summer/fall, so I needed some new shoes to get me through the next several months.

I can never wear running shoes without taking Gabe and Chase for a walk, either before or after my run. They guilt me into it every time! So, I took Gabe and Chase for a very long walk after I got back from my run. It was such a nice day on Saturday, so I extended it longer than the usually route we take for our walks. After we got back I wanted to take this picture...they weren't very happy about me making them sit down. They just wanted to go inside and cool off.

I love spoiling my boys :)


Garden Girl☺ said...

I got new running shoes too!!!! What a coincidence!

ForPetsSake said...

Those are pretty cute! Do you have a fav running shoe? I'm looking for a new VERY comfy pair and I'm having trouble finding them. My feet are really sensitive, so I need alot of support when I run **eye roll**

Happy early B-day - mine is April 26. When's yours?

SevenDog said...

Thanks! Mine was April 12! Happy early Birthday to you!

My favorite running shoe are Asics...I need a lot of support too when I run and I've found these to be the best for my feet!

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