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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting for a New Leg

Gabe laid in the workout room this morning when I was working out and he just stared out the window...longing to go for a walk. It was really sad. Every once in a while he would turn to me and look at me with a sad face. I'm sure he's really confused as to why he isn't going for walks every day, especially because he watches me put on my running shoes, which makes him think he is going for a walk. 

Because I felt so guilty and sad for Gabe, I gave him a bunch of treats and then I let him go in the front yard with me and walk down the street. I didn't even bother putting a leash on him because I knew he couldn't take off anywhere. About every 10 feet he had to stop to take a break. Poor guy :(. 

I keep telling Gabe that he's going to get a new leg soon and by the end of the summer we will be going for runs again and this time he won't be sore after. He just stares at me when I tell him this, so until we get back to our daily walks, I'll just set him in front of the TV, turn on Animal Planet and give him a bowl of  Pupparonies. 


ForPetsSake said...

Poor kiddo! I'm sorry he has to wait, but pain meds are goooood ;)

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