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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gettin Dirty...Warrior Style

Like I mentioned in the previous post, two of my favorite girls, Kathleen and Paige, and I did the North Texas Warrior Dash on Sunday! It's a 5K run with obstacle courses along the way...some difficult and some not so difficult, but all were VERY fun! We laughed a lot at each other and enjoyed ourselves...we just wanted to have fun!

On Saturday night the girls came over and we went to a new Italian restaurant down the road for dinner so we could carb up for the big race with some pasta and some's a BYOB restaurant so we each brought our own bottle! After that we went back to my house to hangout and have some birthday cake that Paige brought over for me...yummm. The girls spent the night and we woke up early on Sunday morning to make our way to the race site.

This was before the race with our "Warrior" helmets on.

The race started off and the first obstacle was swimming through a was a little cold. Kathleen brought a disposable waterproof camera with her so we were stopping at almost every obstacle to take pictures. I'm sure people were annoyed with us when they had to run around us, but we were doing it to have fun and make memories! The last two obstacles were jumping over 2 lines of fire and crawling through a mud pit...and you couldn't stand up because there was barbed wire going across the top of the mud pit! So needless to say, we were covered from head to toe in mud at the end of the race. We took lots of pics before we rinsed off...those will be posted soon!

After the race we were rewarded with free beer...what a perfect ending! We had the option of eating giant turkey legs for lunch, but we opted to head towards home and eat at a local Mexican restaurant before we went our separate ways.

You can't have a Warrior Dash without giant turkey legs!

The girls and I have already been talking about how excited we are for next year's Warrior Dash and we've even found some more obstacle course races to do coming up later this year! I'm so glad I have these girls to jump through fire and crawl through mud with...those are the best kind of friends :)


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