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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Favorite Toy

It's hard to find dog toys that don't get destroyed in 10 minutes. We usually buy the dogs Nyla bones, which they love, but we also like buying them toys that we can throw for them or they can pull with. Tennis balls usually get lost in our house. They roll under our bed or behind the tv and we don't see them for a while. Doggie ropes usuallly get destroyed in no time because the dogs would rather shred them than actually play with them. Little rubber toys are usually found in little pieces in their poop the next day.

My sister buys her dogs these long, furry, stuffing-free animal toys that squeak and are great for pulling. One of the brands is called "Crazy Critters." They come in different kinds of animals like raccoons, foxes, squirrels, and skunks. For Christmas, I bought the dogs one fox to see if they would like it or not. Well, they LOVED it. They used it to pull with each other and with Chris and I. Sometimes I see Jack walking around with it all in his mouth and then he will go up to Simba and Emma and taunt them with it.

This past week I bought them a racoon and they were SO excited. As soon as I pulled it out of the bag they were jumping all over me trying to get to the raccoon. The dogs were all over each other trying to steal the raccoon from each other.

When they were fighting over the raccoon, I tried to distract some of them with the fox and I realized it was missing it's head! Poor guy.

I highly recommend buying one of these toys for your dogs. My parents bought one for their new dog, Mollie, and she loves it and likes to taunt Patch with it. Some of the more expensive pet stores sell these toys for about $12-$15, depending on the length you choose. I found ours at Ross for $5.99 and it was the large size! I will be going back to pick up a few more this week, just incase the raccoon loses his head too.


Garden Girl☺ said...

So cute!!! Rowie has a whole basket FULL of toys, and most of them are either missing a head or arm of all of the stuffing! I will look into these!

havetailwillwag said...

Those are awesome! Wish we could get them in malaysia! i'm so used to seeing stuffing fly around..

ForPetsSake said...

Our kiddos love the fox we bought but they haven't played with it for awhile. Maybe I should go check for the poor critter's head...

Ellan Lima said...

Aww, poor fox! You better hurry to give the raccoon some companions so it won't share the same fate. But on a more serious note, I'm glad you've found another type of toy for your pets to love. It's quite tricky determining which toy they would like.

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